President of the United States Donald Trump walks on the lawn of the White House and stops at a puddle of water, marveling and pointing to its time. The video gives the impression that not everything is at home for Trump.

The text of the 12-second video clip shared on Twitter is, “Trump is lost and confused. His mind is empty and he doesn’t remember what to do next. ”

“She is deeply in her degenerative neurological disease, frontal lobe dementia. He wanders recklessly back and forth towards the puddle. ”

Incorrectly edited

That’s what the video might look like. Nor is it a fake. But cut out of context.

In reality, the president is waiting for his wife to arrive on the lawn of the White House. Trump warns his wife of the puddle, and Melania thus circumventing it successfully. After that, the couple continues on to the helicopter.

The video was scanned more than two million times. First, Twitter flagged it with a notice that the video was misleading and eventually removed it altogether.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, and it is quite likely that other misleading material about the candidates will appear online before polling day.

About the candidate Joe Biden among other things, a fake video has been circulated in which Biden says he wants to cut police funding. That is not what the Democratic candidate really wants to do.