A US warship approaches Venezuela and Caracas denounces a “provocation”

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The ship reached 6 km from the limit of territorial waters but did not enter the Venezuelan jurisdiction.

The Government of Venezuela denounced this Thursday what it considered a new provocation by the United States, after a warship approached the country’s territorial waters without the maneuver having constituted an incursion into the national jurisdiction.

Through a statement, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry condemned the “intimidating intentions of the US Southern Command through the presence of the guided missile destroyer ship USS William P. Lawrence (DDG-110) of the Arleigh Burke class of the Navy of that country in the Venezuelan Contiguous Zone “.

The vessel, always according to the official document, came to be located at a distance of 16.1 nautical miles from the Venezuelan coasts, when the territorial waters jurisdiction extends 12 miles, which means that there were 4.1 miles left for it to occur. the raid, that is, more than 6 kilometers.

In any case, the Venezuelan Government has considered the fact as a “deliberate act of provocation, erratic and childish, which shows the lack of professional rigor of the US Southern Command. “

The US ship, the Foreign Ministry continues in its note, informed the Venezuelan authorities, through radio communications, that it was carrying out “patrol operations against drug trafficking” in the area.

“The use of a warship with long-range missile capacity to carry out alleged operations of this nature is deeply striking,” the statement reads.

The Executive of Nicolás Maduro also considered that it is “a repeat behavior and intentional by the United States “, recalling that a similar maneuver took place on July 16.

On that date, the American warship USS Pinckney (DDG-91) also sailed 16.1 nautical miles off the Venezuelan coast, a fact that the Maduro government denounced as a “sneaky income”, not yet having been produced.

“The entry of the US ship stealthily into Venezuelan jurisdictional waters is clearly a violation of International Maritime Law and can only be described as an inexcusable act of provocation, erratic and childish,” said the statement then issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry. ignoring the regulations on water jurisdiction.




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