A university professor confesses that she simulated black origins

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A American teacher that was identified as black confessed to having lied about its origins, an admission with serious consequences in a country with strong tensions over the racial issue and where cultural appropriation is denounced.

In a post on the Medium platform, Jessica Krug, Professor of History at the prestigious George Washington University in Washington DCHe admitted to having lied “most” of his adult life.

“I have hidden my past from white Jewish girl from the Kansas City suburbs to take advantage of various black identities that I had no right to claim: first black from North Africa, then African-American and finally black from the Bronx, of Caribbean origin, “wrote this woman with light complexion and curly black hair.

These lies represent “the very epitome of violence, theft and appropriation, of the myriad ways non-black people continue to use and abuse black identities and cultures,” wrote Jessica Krug, calling herself a “cultural leech.” . Krug has written several essays on the history of the African diaspora and its legacy in other countries, and one of her essays was a finalist for the Harriet Tubman Prize, which distinguishes research on slavery.

At texto en Medium, the woman attributes her confession to psychological therapies that have made her come to terms with her past, and her lies to her attempts to deny childhood trauma, which she does not explain.

Cultural claim

Asked by CNN, one of her former students said that Krug told her students that she was proud of her origin from the Bronx and that she once got into a fight with another student who assured her that rap had been created in Brooklyn, a typical New York debate .

Also according to CNN, this professor specializing in African and colonization history read aloud the word “nigger” in texts, a taboo term that only black people are socially empowered to pronounce.

In addition, her former student said, she frequently vindicated black and indigenous artists and gave lectures on topics such as indigenous populations in Chile; he also used many terms in Spanish, which in theory came from his Puerto Rican origins.

Case in 2015

George Washington University has announced that it is “aware” of these revelations and “assesses the situation.”

In the United States, especially in academic and progressive circles, the use of identity symbols of communities to which one does not belong, the so-called “cultural appropriation”, is strongly condemned. In official censuses, where the ethnic origin of Americans is recorded, it is nevertheless possible to identify as one wishes.

The case recalled another from 2015 in which an activist, Rachel Dolezal, made a splash by identifying herself as black when she and her parents were white.




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