– The pain was severe. Nothing has happened in football as much as this.

I saw the picture Janne Saksela their Sunday feelings.

Pictures and a video of a German injury situation and an ankle bent in a shabby position startled the football crowd.

– I tried to slip between a couple of players and Kurot on the ball, he repeats.

– At the same time there was a little contact, I flew into the air, and somehow my ankle got bad when I came down. There was nothing that could be done about it.

The German ankle broke.

– Yes, it looked wild. Fortunately, the diagnosis was not quite as bad as one might have expected from the picture.

Metal and screws

Saksela was rushed by ambulance from Ratina to the hospital. The leg was operated on Tuesday.

– I don’t know exactly what was all there, but at least there was a fracture in the tibia and ankle, Saksela says.

– A little metal and screws were put on the ankle.

The front has a six-month rehabilitation period. For the first six weeks the foot is in plaster.

– For the next two weeks, keep your feet elevated. Now just move your toes and tense your thighs.

“Then came this”

Germany’s history of injury is grim. His knee was operated in 2013, 2017 and 2019, always nasty and usually more than half a year of rehabilitation demanding an ACL injury.

– In time, it feels like half of the career has gone injured, Saksela sighs.

– Especially that knee injury just over a year ago was a severe setback. I had come to get a new impetus from Finland, and then my knee went.

Saksela arrived in Ilves from Sparta Rotterdam. He ended up in knee surgery after his second match of the season.

– The sleeves were rolled up, the man was pulled back in order and everything was given – and now came this, Saksela sighs.

– Starting to have a blank coat with rehabilitations.

Saksela had time to enjoy football for nine league matches this season.

– In the early part of the season there was a little pain in the knee, but in recent weeks it felt really good and fun when nothing happened.


Germany’s contract with Ilves will end this period.

– I haven’t been able to think about the future terribly yet. It’s pretty frustrating this is, but there have been so many of them that I can’t stand being terribly broken mentally.

The extensive injury list is known to eat away at club interest.

– Personally, I can’t help but put my foot in shape. Yes, the foot should be in good condition if the ossification is successful.

Saksela threatens gambling – even in the midst of gloom.

– When football goes well, everything is fine. When you are injured, everything is bad.