– About me Lionel Messi is the best ever Barcelona ex-coach Quique Setien says In an interview with El País magazine.

Setién, 62, was hired as Barcelona’s coach in January 2020. However, the Spanish coach’s wash ended last August with a humiliating 2-8 loss against Bayern Munich.

However, Setién got to know Messi a bit, both as a player and as a person. Now the veteran revealed things about the Argentine that are less often heard in public.

– Leo is hard to train. But who am I to change him! They (FC Barcelona) have accepted him as is for years and have not changed him, Setién says.

The difficulties were not just about gambling, as Setién said the Mess has “silent influence” outside the field as well.

– You see it in things you don’t expect to see. He’s very prepared, but he makes you see the things he wants you to see. He doesn’t talk much.

According to Setién Michael Jordanista narrative The Last Dance The documentary describes well how star players like Messi know their own value in the company and take advantage of it.

Former head coach of Barcelona Nanny Martino has said that Messi could call the president of the club at any time and get fired for the head coach. According to Setién, the claim is true.

– I’ve lived that life. I have enough experience to judge what kind of boy this and others are.