Coach Elmo Aittola referred to the unexpected end of work on Tuesday with his Instagram account, after which the rumor mill on social media was complete.

Much of the interlocutors were prepared to claim that the Aittola wash was over on a classic milk train assignment, but he himself denies the allegations as incorrect.

During his career in Mestis, Aittola excelled as a steward with long bans. After the end of the Tuto wash, the language stocks were also open in the direction of Turku.

So milk train ideas didn’t necessarily come from nowhere.

– Of course, many people want to see the typical Aittola drama here and claim online what happens, but yes, I left Herning of my own free will, Aittola tells Iltalehti.

According to Aittola, the annoyance towards the family grew great, and the coronavirus messed up the plans.

– The situation is that I have an entrepreneurial wife and a four-year-old child at home. Spending the whole season in a puddle bubble in Denmark did not ultimately fit into this equation.

– I didn’t want to be out of my family all the time, and it wasn’t even agreed with the club in the summer. The world has changed, especially now that the corona situation is what it is again.

Loneliness tormented me

Your excitement, familiar from his flashy slander, admits that during Korona, loneliness also pressured him on a spiritual level.

– If the solitude had lasted for nine months, I honestly could not have guaranteed the consequences. Everyone must have seen what happens when Aittola is left to pluck some things, he laughs, referring to his somethings.

When he returns to Finland, Aittola will continue as a small-scale player agent and will try to bring his life back to the starting point. If the hockey world becomes new offers, we will be happy to listen to them.

He is not forced to return to the edge of the trough at this point, he said.

– I could have already got a new contract in Sweden last week. But would it have improved this family view in any way. I guess no.

Aittola leaves Denmark with clean papers. The termination of the agreement, according to him, was agreed in good agreement between the parties.

– Yes, I left the club through the front door. And everyone who knows me also knows that if it were otherwise, the roar really wouldn’t stay as well in the stomach as it did in this case. Neither side nor the other.