A Duke University study, led by Professor Miguel Nicolelis, suggests that people who have had dengue disease may have a higher level of immunity to the coronavirus than those that do not.

The research is based on a geographical analysis according to the areas where the most cases of Covid-19 have been registered. The results show a coincidence of fewer cases in the regions where there were dengue outbreaks in 2019 and 2020, thus opening the possibility that there is a “immunological crossover between antibodies against dengue and coronavirus “.

If the data were correct, it would be possible that the dengue vaccine worked in a certain way against pandemic disease. However, Dr Nicolelis cautions that people who have dengue antibodies sometimes get a false positive result for coronavirus antibodies.

The team of scientists, who found the match by accident, believe that more research is needed to deepen and confirm the theory thrown. In addition, they have also found similar relationships between dengue outbreaks and a slowed spread of the coronavirus in other regions of Latin America, Asia and islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.