The Melbourne Cup is in the point of view over recent accusations that some of the thoroughbreds end up being sent to slaughterhouses.

In addition, the pandemic situation has made all cultural and sporting events see affected in your organization.

Abuse in these types of sports is something that worries animal lovers. But using the whip to “encourage” horses to run straight or faster has been shown to be ineffective, it only causes pain to the animal.

Magazine Animals has published a study that analyzes 100 race reports to assess whether whipping this species influences their running.

The findings of this research find that it does not make them better or run faster, or increase the safety of riders. Therefore, they support the intention of Racing Victoria to phasing out the use of whips.

In Australia, there are currently regulations that limit the number and style of strokes allowed in official races.

Magazine Science Alert has analyzed 126 racing reports where whipping was not allowed, compared to 59 reports from races where it was allowed.

They assure that the “results did not indicate differences significant differences between the movement of the horse in the course, the interference in the course, the frequency of incidents related to the behavior of the riders or the average times of completion of the race “.

So it can be concluded that “whipping racehorses simply it does not work“.