A statement about Rafael Borré brought relief to River fans

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His wife confirmed that their daughter will be born in Argentina. In any case, the destiny of the Colombian remains open.

Last week, in his celebration of the goal against Saint Paul, Rafael Santos Borré announced that he will be a father: he grabbed the ball and put it under his shirt to simulate a big belly. His wife, the Colombian journalist Ana caicedo, is pregnant. They are both expecting a daughter. And this Tuesday, while the forward is in Lima waiting for the match between River and Binational, Caicedo left a statement that brought relief to the fans millionaires. “Our daughter – he said – is going to be born in Argentina.” Thus, a trip abroad would be ruled out, which was a ghost that hovered over the Colombian’s future and frightened Núñez.

In an interview with TyC SportsCaicedo made his partner’s position clear: “Rafa is not desperate for a transfer, he is very happy in River.” Anyway, he also clarified that in the future “anything can happen.”

It is known: the possibility of his return to Europe next year will still be latent. Atlético de Madrid has a clause to buy back, for 7,000,000 euros, 50% of the goalscorer’s pass that it sold to River three years ago. And there is another clause that indicates that to renew the contract, River must buy 25% more of the player’s chip for 3.5 million euros (so far it owns half). Borré’s bond with the Núñez club expires in June 2021 and as of today the treasury is too thin to make such a disbursement of money.

Borré himself, who turned 25 last week, had recently questioned his future. However, when it comes to going to the field, the Colombian only thinks about River. He has already scored a goal on the return to official activity and tonight at the Lima stadium he will seek to pass, reach or stay close to Lucas Alario, the top scorer so far in Marcelo Gallardo’s cycle. The Bayer Leverkusen striker scored 41 goals and the Colombian has 39.

From Buenos Aires, Caicedo will be encouraging her husband (they married in 2016 when Rafa played in Deportivo Cali) with Guadalupe, the girl he carries in his womb. And if there is a goal, she will surely show her celebration on social media, as she usually does.

“Rafael has found in Ana not only his partner, but also a friend, a person who has knowledge of football and who has always supported him. That support he has at home generates extra motivation, an additional bonus. That great human being who has by his side has strengthened him “, he said a while ago Jaime Pabón, Borré’s personal trainer.

On the pitch, Borré forms partnerships with Matías Suárez and now also with Julián Álvarez. Outside, with Ana -Anita for the acquaintances- Caicedo. With her they will have Guadalupe in Argentina. Thus, River will have it assured for one more time.



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