Valtteri Bottas was the fastest in the last free practice of the Portuguese GP. Expectations for time trials are high, with the most eventful session ever.

Bottas was three hundredths of his teammate Lewis Hamiltonia faster. It was gratifying that Mersu had a time difference with other stables. It was significantly lower than earlier this season. The top ten fit in just over a second.

The session was interrupted a minute early by the waving of red flags. The reason was revealed an open drain grate that partially ruptured Sebastian Vettelin driven over it.

This is a serious accident if the F1 car hits a metal part. The grille could tear the bottom of the car open, which would be very dangerous for a low-seat driver.

The roller coaster challenge

So Mersut don’t necessarily fight for a pole position just with each other. However, the silver arrows can afford to tighten. Hamilton sought his limits in practice, driving along the sands. The mechanics had to perform a minor maintenance over the car during the session.

The exercises saw more spins than usual and runs wide. The new track and the Algarve track with huge altitude differences are not yet completely with you drivers.

Alfa Romeon Kimi Raikkonen was an exercise in the 13th century.

The time trials of the Portuguese GP will start at 16.00 Finnish time. Iltalehti follows the events live.