A shout out of place against and a gesture: the bad moment that Lionel Messi lived when leaving the practice of Barcelona

A fan questioned the idol. And the Flea, of course, did not like it at all and gave him to understand that he had marked it.

Lionel Messi does not travel to Ukraine for Tuesday’s Champions League game. It does not sound illogical, considering how comfortable Barcelona is in that competition and that it comes from a marathon that included trips and qualifying matches in Argentina and Peru, and then travel to Madrid. That’s why Barcelona’s Dutch coach, Ronald Koeman, agreed to give him rest.

This Monday there was training and the color note of the day was given at the start, when the 10 left alone in command of his car.

Rare, a fan was waiting for him for a scream that in the meantime sounded loud and was captured by Gol’s cameras. “Messi … wake up, eh …”. Something that never happens to the best in the world, used to sweet words in Barcelona and in every country he visits. Today his team is rebuilding, his future is uncertain after he could not leave the burofax club by means of and the tranquility is not the same as it had in the last 15 years.

Of course, Messi, totally understandable, did not like this cry at all and, as seen in the image, it did not go unnoticed: when turning with the car, he stared at the place where he had come from and the group and with a gesture, in his eyes, made it clear that he visually memorized the “aggressor “.

Messi must rest this week, that’s why he doesn’t travel to Ukraine. Today Barcelona needs more than anything to lift in the tournament, where it is in tenth place, and it will surely reappear on Sunday at 10 in the morning, hosting Osasuna.



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