A seventh child is out of the question

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Hollywood news in GALA ticker: Alec Baldwin doesn’t want any more children +++ James Van der Beek is leaving Hollywood

The Hollywood news of the day in the GALA ticker

October 6th

Alec Baldwin: No more child blessings!

Alec Baldwin, 62, hits the table! The Hollywood star doesn’t want any more children – even though his wife Hilaria Baldwin, 36, apparently doesn’t get enough: “Someone collects cars, watches, works of art. And my wife collects children. She likes them. When a child is three years old and not as much fun as in the first few years, Hilaria and I look at each other and think: ‘Well, it’s time to do a new one!’ “, he explains in a video talk with his loved one and Ellen DeGeneres, 62.

But these times are apparently over for the father of six. Seventh child? No thanks! “I won’t try anymore, that’s enough. Or my wife will have to marry whoever does girls.” The actor only has two of them: his daughter Ireland, 24, from his marriage to Kim Basinger, 66, and little Carmen Gabriela, seven, from his relationship with Hilaria, who also have sons Rafael Thomas, five, Leonardo Ángel Charles , four, Romeo Alejandro David, two, and Eduardo Pau, who was born in September 2020.

Hilaria became pregnant twice last year and lost both children. With little Eduardo, the Baldwin family has now apparently become complete, at least when it comes to Alec.

5th October

James Van der Beek: final departure from Hollywood?

James Van Der Beek, 43, wants a fresh start. Together with his wife Kimberly Brook and the children Olivia, ten, Joshua, eight, Emilia, four, Annabel Leah, six, Gwendolyn, two, he says goodbye to Los Angeles and the Hollywood glamor. A few days ago, the “Dawson’s Creek” star published a photo that shows loved ones hugging a tree. Under it he writes: “Sometimes a fuller life begins with an empty house. We leave Los Angeles incredibly grateful for all the friends and memories we were allowed to make here. To the next great adventure!”While James keeps a big secret about where the family is going, his wife Kimberly reveals their new home. The Van der Beeks apparently want to settle in Texas. A new beginning that will certainly do you good.

The past year has dealt two blows of fate to the family that are not easy to cope with. After a miscarriage in November 2019, Kim lost another child just seven months later. Perhaps the Van der Beeks will find the peace and time to come to terms with their grief in a new environment.

Source used:PageSix, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Instagram


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