A sequel to Tenet? “I hope so, because we did something unique,” says Lead John David Washington

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In an interview, John David Washington confesses that he would be thrilled to shoot Tenet 2 because “you could explore more of the story”.

So many questions arose at the end of the vision of Tenet that this, the first we usually think of at the end of a film, had not yet occurred to us. Will Tenet have a sequel?
Good question, right? We don’t even think about it because we know when Christopher Nolan concludes a project, does not take it up again and moves on to something else. So with the exception of the trilogy of Batman, which we see as a single entity rather than a film with two sequels, the author and director has never made sequels to his films.
The protagonist (in name and in fact) of Tenet, however, there is hope. “For me it’s a yes!”, He answers John David Washington to the question if there will be a sequel to Tenet. “Actually I don’t know, Chris he does what he wants “continues the actor interviewed by Esquire magazine,” maybe he wants to do something he’s been developing for years or maybe he’s inspired by something else, I don’t know. I hope we can do it again, I hope we can explore more, because we have found something truly unique. ”
And this is a sentence that contains a paradox, because if something “unique” doubles, it loses its uniqueness. But, after all, more paradox, less paradox …

Tenet 2: how could the story continue? [SPOILER]

At the end of the film the narrative knots dissolve and mentally we combine all the information collected during the viewing (and for this reason, if you have not seen Tenet it is important that you stop reading immediately).
We understand that the real architect of the whole operation that leads to the elimination of Sator and to the recovery of the algorithm is the Protagonist himself, or rather, his version of the future. The Protagonist of the present, through whose eyes we live the story too, he was unaware of everything and was helped by Neil, his loyal agent who will recruit “in a few years”. The character of Robert pattinson he says it clearly at the end, “we make a mess of it, you’ll like it, you’ll see”. This could be the opening to tell an old / new adventure between the protagonist and Neil, at a time when Sator is still alive.
Then it would no longer be a sequel, but a prequel. Or both at the same time.

In any case it is highly unlikely that Nolan can give a continuation to a movie like Tenet, precisely because of its uniqueness. In the interview, John David Washington he lets himself be carried away by enthusiasm and imagines that what follows can be deepened the theory that fans like most. If Max, the son of Kat and Sator, is really Neil as a child, as many thought at the end of the film, “it would be a lot of fun to find out in the sequel” says Washington who likes this theory a lot, but “I don’t know if it’s true or false, you have to ask Chris. “

Below a Tenet processing video.



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