A second participant in the AstraZeneca vaccine trials suffers from an unexplained neurological disorder

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The pharmaceutical AstraZeneca, which is developing a possible vaccine against Covid-19 together with the University of Oxford, has once again warned about worrying consequences in another volunteer.

This person has shown “unexplained neurological symptoms” in the third phase of the trials, as reported The New York Times.

This trial was halted a few days ago due to another mishap with a volunteer, who developed transverse myelitis. The company wanted to emphasize that these health problems have nothing to do with the vaccine in either case, as they have verified in a “independent review”.

“It has been considered unlikely that these diseases are associated with the vaccine, or that there was insufficient evidence to say with certainty that the diseases were related to the vaccine or not, “they say.

Experts are showing concern about a possible lack of communication between the 18,000 volunteers that have been provided to carry out the clinical trials and the company, alerting them of the diseases that these cases were contracting.

Therefore, the company has assured its intention to increase transparency about your research.



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