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A screenwriter named Ben Kaplan files a lawsuit against Gary Oldman and Universal for Darkest Hour on charges of plagiarism.

When he got out of bed in the aftermath of the weekend, Gary Oldman he didn’t know there was a bad day waiting for him. A gentleman by name I’m Kaplan, who is a teacher and worked for television as a screenwriter, has filed a lawsuit against the actor and also against Universal because he thinks they used to The darkest hour some historical facts and invented situations present on one of his film scripts on Winston Churchill never made.

In the Los Angeles Superior Court, Kaplan said that Oldman at first he liked his screenplay and that he intended to marry his project, but then he thought better of it, opting for The darkest hour, which in 2018, as we know, won him the Oscar for best leading actor. Specifically, the writer stated that both his script and what Anthony McCarten made available to Joe Wright contain a scene in which Churchill he tries to get a cat out from under the bed, then explaining that that gesture, not in reality but in the imagination of the two screenwriters, had inspired the politician the idea of ​​the evacuation of Dunkerque (Dunkirk). Therefore being an invention, McCarten can only have copied from someone else, then from Kaplan. Who Kaplan, which also sued Working Title and Focus Features, claims that Oldman he had had access to three versions of his script.

It seems that I’m Kaplan began writing the screenplay for The darkest hour in 1999 and recorded it with the Writers Guild of America in 2002. In 2011, he would then make a deal with a producer, involving StudioCanal and Sierra / Affinity. The producer would also have taken steps to involve Gary Oldman and promised him $ 6 million in earnings. All this before the actor left the field in 2015.

Kaplan finally protests for another analogy between his screenplay and that Darkest Hour: the narrative arc they cover, both ending with the famous speech by Churchill “We will fight on the beaches”. At the moment neither Universal nor Gary Oldman they responded to what happened or simply commented.



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