The American channel NBC recently released a video revealing that singer Adele is piloting a Saturday Night Live episode to be seen in the United States today.

– Adele will host with music guests this Saturday, the video says.

Adele herself shares the same information in the video that she hosts an episode of the evening with guest singer HER Behind the artist name is the singer-songwriter Gabriella Wilson.

You can watch the video on Instagram from here.

Attention was drawn to Adele

Adele has already been spinning in the headlines because of her slender nature. In her recent Instagram photos, the singer has posed slimming.

In the spring, Adelen was estimated to have lost 45 pounds, but the singer herself has not told her the exact number of pounds she has lost.

This time, too, Instagram users have drawn attention to Adele’s transformation in a recent video.

– Knockout Adele, an Instagram user writes.

– Adele looks amazing. Oh my God, I start crying, another states.

– She looks beautiful as always, the third writes.

– He has always looked amazing, the fourth states.