A quartet for Joel So Señora, the Talleres hero who broke Boca’s undefeated record at La Bombonera

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The 24-year-old midfielder scored the agonizing victory goal against Miguel Ángel Russo’s team and received a special gift from a renowned musician from Córdoba.

This Sunday, Talleres de Córdoba beat Boca 1-0 at La Bombonera for the third round of the Professional League Cup and was the leader of Group D with seven points, the product of two victories and a draw.

In a night full of emotions, the team led by Alexander Medina ended with the undefeated that coach Miguel Ángel Russo had maintained since his arrival, who accumulated 13 wins and three draws in his second cycle at the institution.

Without a doubt, the hero of the night was Joel So Señora, who replaced Tomás Pochettino at 30 minutes of the second half without knowing that he would score the winning goal 11 minutes later.

Once the game was over, the 24-year-old young midfielder surely imagined the flashes, the journalistic notes, the comments on social networks and the hundreds of congratulations that would come to him from family, friends and even strangers.

What he surely could not anticipate was that the artist and composer Ángel “Negro” Videla was going to dedicate to him in just a couple of hours a song titled with his name and whose lyrics referred to the exciting narration of the match. The piece of music, of course, is a quartet.

“So Señora, what joy you gave us. You took away the undefeated and they don’t stop crying. Soñara, this goal made spring happy, we are top leaders and this team is first class. So Señora, over the years we have shown that in La Boca we are number one “, reads a part of the song.

Besides being a fan of Talleres, Videla is a River fan. Therefore, the joy was double. “I could not sleep because of the victory over Boca. And how I screamed the goal of So Señora. Last night I was very happy,” he told Clarion.

After inflating the net, the American-born midfielder made a strange celebration: he walked to the top of the pitch and kissed the corner flag, which was colored blue and yellow.

Later, before the microphones of the press, he offered an explanation: “I kissed the flag because my grandparents who were Boca fans died two months ago.”

Not only her grandparents were fans of Xeneize, but also her father, Diego, better known as “Chiche” among soccer fans. The former professional defender played for Boca between 1988 and 1995 and was champion of the 1989 South American Super Cup, the 1990 South American Recopa, the 1992 Master Cup, the 1993 Gold Cup and the 1992 Apertura Tournament.

Then, in 1996, he migrated to Football Club Dallas in the United States. It was then, on September 15 of that year, that Joel was born in North America.

All the lower ones were made in Boca. However, in 2016 he was presented with the opportunity to go to Stuttgart in Germany and he accepted without hesitation. It is that, as he himself related, there was a bad relationship between his father and the coach of the reserve, Rolando Schiavi, and that was reason enough for his dream of debuting in first class to be truncated.

“It was not Schiavi’s problem directly with me, but I did not feel comfortable with his treatment of me. I also knew the situation he had with my old man and felt a feeling of discomfort. I was the first to tell him that I did not want to go to the Book and go back to Fourth. I didn’t want to know more about being there, because I didn’t feel comfortable. Then there were other things, but taking that out, it was simply saying enough to something that I didn’t like, “he recalled later.

In the Stuttgart second team, he played 56 games and scored nine goals between 2016 and 2018. Then, he returned to Argentina. More precisely, he arrived at Talleres de Córdoba on loan condition and with the intention of adding minutes.

In July 2019, he was loaned to Arsenal de Sarandí, where he played 18 games and scored four goals. Finally, he returned to the Cordovan team in June 2020 and, in the first three games of the Super League Cup, he already accumulated one goal and one assist.



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