The Premier League it has been rocked by a scandal of maximum scope, despite the fact that it has occurred out of competition. ‘Daily Mail’ The arrest of a soccer player this week accused of rape and kidnapping has advanced, without giving many more details.

The newspaper points out that the footballer is over 20 years old, but he has not indicated his name or the team to which he belongs.

The identity of the footballer has given much to talk about in England. Many voices pointed towards Mason Greenwood, 19 years old and a great future star for Manchester United, but with a serious discipline problem. So much so that his own team has already given him several touches of attention.

However, the editor-in-chief of the ‘Mail’, which at the moment is the newspaper that leads the news, has denied that it is him, although he has not given names.

Other looks have gone straight to Callum Hudson-Odoi, from Chelsea. The soccer player was already arrested in May, accused by a model who went to his house, although he was later released.

The event reported now by the ‘Mail’ occurred a month ago, and since he also has serious disciplinary problems, it has been another of those identified as a possible detainee. The Premier, at the moment, has not been meaning in this regard.