A possible return of Evo Morales to Bolivia shakes the electoral scene

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Several polls indicate that the Movement for Socialism could win in the first round against a divided opposition. The MAS candidate, Luis Arce, defended the right to return of the former president, who from Argentina leads the campaign for the October elections.

The possibility that Evo Morales will return to Bolivia has crept into the electoral debate ahead of the October elections in the country. The candidate of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), Luis Arce, defended the right to return of the former president, that from Argentina directs the campaign of this party for the elections of October 18.

Morales left Bolivia on August 11 of last year for Mexico and has been in Argentina since December, after denouncing that he was forced to leave his country for a coup which then denied him a new electoral victory for a fourth consecutive term, amid complaints of electoral fraud in his favor.

Although the ex-president’s lawyers have warned that he has not been able to return because he did not observe constitutional guarantees for it and even feared for his life, the candidate of his party argued that Evo Morales you have every right to return and defend himself before the Bolivian Justice of a series of processes against him.

Arce used from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the Bolivian Constitution to underline that right, when asked by journalists during an electoral act in La Paz.

“You have every right to come to defend yourself against all accusations What are they doing to him ”, he commented when asked about recent statements in which Morales said that if he wins his match, the next day he will return to Bolivia.

The former president made this comment when intervening by phone in an event in the Bolivian town of Caraparí, in the light that the polls give the MAS first, even with the possibility of winning in the first round.

The former president also referred to a poll by the Jubileo Foundation and argued that “we will win again in the first round, according to a right-wing poll,” adding that the presidential ballot “Lucho (Arce) and David (Choquehuanca), holds 40% preferences, and Carlos Mesa (Comunidad Ciudadana, CC, right) has 26% “.

Bolivian electoral law establishes that a candidate wins the presidential elections in the first round if he reaches 50% plus one of the votes, or 40% and more than 10% against the second. It was the Jubileo Foundation survey, extensive and based on 14,000 interviews, which apparently led to the resignation of the candidacy for his presidential nomination to Añez with the Juntos coalition, in fourth place in the poll with 10.6%, behind de Arce (MAS, 40.3%), Mesa (CC, 26.2%) and Luis Fernando Camacho (We believe, 14.4%)

Bolivia’s interim president, Jeanine Áñez, and other political actors in the country opposed to Morales, such as former president Jorge Quiroga, candidate for the Libre 21 alliance, have warned that if Morales returns, he willIt will be to appear before Justice.

The Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office has issued several orders for Evo Morales to appear in different processes, several of them at the request of the temporary Executive for accusations such as genocide, terrorism and seditionIn addition to the fact that the interim government has denounced the former president for crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The general elections are pending in Bolivia since those of October were annulled last year amid allegations of fraud in favor of Morales, which he denies and are under judicial investigation.

The former president tried to be a candidate for senator for the MAS, but first the electoral body and then a constitutional court denied him that possibility by failing to fulfill a requirement of permanent residence in Bolivia.

Source: EFE and Clarín



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