He Lusitania de Lourosa, a team from the Portuguese third division, was eliminated in the first round of the Portugal Cup before him Sao Joao de Ver, which caused enormous anger within the club and caused the players to be punished … walk back from the rival team’s stadium to their facilities.

The controversial news came to light when videos began to circulate on social networks in which the Lusitania expedition walking along the shoulder back to their training center, which was about 5 kilometers away, after the team lost the tie 1-0.

From the club they assured that it was a decision of the players themselves as a measure of self-criticism and that “there was no punishment,” said the club president, Hugo Mendes the Jornal de Noticias.

However, the news has reached the Portuguese players’ union (SAFP), who stated that the club ordered the team bus to leave empty and considered the incident as “regrettable”.

“The union does not expect from the president of the Lusitania de Lourosa less than a immediate apology to the staff for this unfortunate episode that does nothing to dignify Portuguese football, “they said from the SAFP in a statement.

As has been published on social networks by the president Mendes imposed the punishment to the squad after telling his players: “You are not worthy to ride the club bus.”