A plea for remembering

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The Oscar winner “Coco” takes you into the motley realm of the dead. That is what makes the animation film and its message so unique.

Disney’s “Coco – More Alive Than Life!” (2017) is a very special animated film that was even awarded two Oscars in 2018. In keeping with the Day of the Dead, in Spanish Día de Muertos or Día de los Muertos, “Coco” will celebrate its German free TV premiere on October 31, 2020 (at 8:15 pm on Sat.1). Because in Mexico, the deceased is remembered from the eve of All Saints ‘Day, also known as Halloween, to All Souls’ Day on November 2nd. With the animation adventure, the viewer not only immerses himself in Mexican culture, but is also confronted with death in a unique and colorful way.

This is the story of “Coco”

Miguel Rivera is twelve years old and, on the “Día de los Muertos” of all things, rebels against the music ban that was imposed on his family a long time ago. On this important, traditional holiday, he ends up in the realm of the dead by chance. In the colorful cosmos full of weird figures, Miguel not only meets his ancestors, but also Hector, who wants to help him get back into the world of the living. In the process, the two uncover an incredible family secret of the Riveras that causes complications … Will Miguel make it home in time?

Off to the motley realm of the dead

“Coco” can be described with two adjectives: colorful and loud. But there is so much more to the animation adventure. As usual, there are charming characters, catchy songs and weird characters like Dante, a Xolo dog, also called a Mexican hairless dog, who has to fight with his tongue. However, the story revolves around the Day of the Dead, one of the most important Mexican holidays. In Mexico, the deceased is traditionally remembered with festivities and plenty of food. One thing is certain: dying is part of life. But how do you deal with death?

Death and grief are not an easy subject, many people don’t like to talk about them. Perhaps that’s why it fits so well that Disney approaches the whole thing in the form of an animated film. Not only does Mexican culture find its way into the world of animation, but also the memory of the deceased. The realm of the dead comes – how should it be otherwise with Disney – motley and weird. In this other world people laugh and dance just as much as among the living – only that the dead appear as skeletons.

With all the classic Disney fun, an important message resonates: The dead should not be forgotten. Telling stories about family members who have passed away keeps them alive. In our memories and – at least it is the case in “Coco” – also in the realm of the dead. A cute and unique appeal against forgetting, against taboos and a plea for remembering. It can’t hurt to learn a thing or two from the Mexicans and Disney in dealing with death and the departed.

A very special animated film

An animation film is seldom so wonderfully weird and colorful and at the same time so profound in the message it conveys. “Coco – more alive than life!” shouldn’t be missed by any Disney or animation film fan.


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