Hockey player Tobias Forsbergin life finally changed on Killing Day 2018. In the Allsvenskan match, the striker flew head-to-side and was paralyzed from chest down.

The situation caused a spinal cord injury, in addition to which Forsberg also had a broken neck. He got into a wheelchair. You can watch a video of the creepy situation from this link.

However, there has been a turn for the better in the life of the now 32-year-old Forsberg. He is able to take small steps with the help of a support tool.

The attacker held a moment in his Instagram account where Followers were allowed to ask him anything. The most asked question is whether Forsberg will still be able to walk.

The attacker answered the question by posting a video in which he takes small steps with the help of a robotic support.

– This is a difficult matter, because I do not have an answer to the question. I really do not know. All I know is that technology is evolving, and I will never stop dreaming. Many more fantastic aids are still being developed for people with spinal cord injuries, he wrote.

– However, the most important and strongest tool we all have already inside us and it is located inside the head.

If the update does not appear, you can watch its here.

A bionic frame is attached to Forsberg’s legs. Two nurses hold the pucker by the hands and a third controls the spine from the guide on the back.

“The robot body consists of carbon fiber and small electric motors that straighten my body and move my legs,” Forsberg says.

Rehabilitation of Leksands has been difficult. He was hospitalized for five consecutive months after his injury. The ability of the hands to function was also impaired.

– It is still difficult for me to understand how this happened here and that the injury is so extensive. I just had to quit hockey, which has been a big part of my life. This is much more. I am now in a wheelchair, Forsberg said in May 2019 on the Leksands website.

In January, Forsberg presented the achievement of the year award at the Swedish Sports Gala. As he entered the stage, the entire audience rose to applaud from his stand. Also Prince Daniel showed popularity for his standing.

Forsberg had 210 matches in the SHL and 323 games in Allsvenskan before his injury. The biggest achievement of his career is the 2008 under-20 World Championship silver.