Soccer is much more than a rough sport and sometimes it arouses people’s empathy. This is what happened during the Norwegian soccer match between the Valerenga and the Kristiansund, since some of what happened was led by a referee that arbitrated the game to confess his homosexuality.

Is about Tom Harald Hagen, who wanted to ‘come out of the closet’ after hearing a cry of “fag” that a visiting player dedicated to the local coach of the Valerenga.

However, the referee had to explain what happened in statements to Glamdalen: “It is the height of irony because I just refereed that game. Perhaps the player said it on a whim, that can happen in football. But we really have to end all this“, said the referee.

For this reason, Harald considers that “the time has come to say that I am gay. only positive things will come out. For me, it has always been a completely natural part of life. “

Tom Harald has been international since 2009 and at 44 years of age is considered as one of the most outstanding referees of Norwegian football. Therefore, he wanted to make his homosexuality public with the aim of blaze a trail to those who dare not.

The braid has received numerous support on social networks after hearing the cry of Flamur Kastrati, forward of Kristiansund that he was fined by his club after the incident.