A newspaper in Spain denounced that deaths from coronavirus in that country are 53,000 and not 29,000 as the official report says

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The newspaper ABC took this investigation to its front page with a shocking cover littered with graves.

In Spain, a national newspaper denounced the Government for hiding the numbers of the coronavirus pandemic and a great stir was created. According to ABC, the total deaths from Covid-19 “exceeds 53,700, well above 29,747” reported by the leadership of President Pedro Sánchez.

The information was accompanied by a shocking cover full of graves and with the new number of deaths, “the figure that the government hides,” according to the morning.

For the newspaper, in the “second wave” of infections that has been experienced since mid-July and is currently attacking the country, “the total number of deaths is 6,363, in the absence of updating the data that arrive slowed down by the summer” , while “the Government only officially recognized 1,359 dead from that second week of July until now ”.

Meanwhile, in the first wave, the strongest and most lethal to date, which ranged from the beginning of March to May, the excess mortality – deaths that occur above that estimated according to the average of previous years – was located in 48,410 people. So in total, the mortality that occurred since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 53,788 people.

There are 24,000 more than the Government officially recognizes“says ABC, which also ensures that the excess mortality that occurred throughout the year, in the first wave and now in the second, is directly linked to the pandemic, something that was known in advance.

“The first major peak in this mortality occurred in the second week of March, with 1,082 deaths. It was in those days, after the weekend of March 8, when the Government decreed a state of alarm throughout Spain,” he says. the publication.

As of this Sunday’s report, the policy was also activated and criticism of the Pedro Sánchez government began to arrive. The spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies, Cuca GamarraHe said that the government “will not be able to hide from the truth.”

“The deaths from Covid in Spain exceed the official ones by 24,000, according to ABC. The real figure that Sánchez hides: 53,000 deaths. The government will have to answer for it in Congress. Try as you might, you won’t be able to hide from the truth. They lie to us, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Pablo Casado, leader of the PP, also used social networks, described as “immoral” that the Executive of Sánchez conceals this information from the Spanish and demanded that they assume responsibilities.

“Sánchez’s propaganda cannot cover the real death toll from Covid. There are 53,000 families broken in pain that could not fire their own, and 24,000 of them are not even recognized by the Government. It is an immorality that they lie to them and nobody take responsibility, “he tweeted.



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