A new winner was inaugurated in the domestic rally

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The number two savior of the people of Szécsény has been wearing the tracks of the first class for six years and has gradually delivered better and better results, but somehow the development curve was not as steep as that of his land, the defending champion Ferenc Vincze. So far. Already last year, it looked like he had reached a level with the semi-factory Citroen, as he was third in the annual evaluation, but that certain little plus was still missing. Until yesterday. Because when someone turns a race under pressure, in the last stage, in the dark, where the first three are separated by only 5.1 seconds, it is certainly a top category rally driver.

The Vértes was clearly the fastest, as he won the most speeds, 4 in number, and thanks to his soaring in the final stage, where he drove for a better time than in the light, he collected the maximum score in a single race. The Velenczei – Blonde duo thus approached the defending champion, Vincze – Bacigal duo, 1 unit away in the league.

Turán Frici definitely wanted to win on the asphalt fasts of Fejér County to reduce his disadvantage against the Vincze-Velenczei-Hadik trio. It almost succeeded, as he led the race from the third to the last fast. A VW driver who didn’t save on the Power Stage either, his navigator also remarked at the lion’s destination that he thought it should be, and then they saw Venice’s time, which this time meant another dimension for everyone else. At the same time, Frici approached his rivals and was still fourth in the league with 68 points.

It was already a miracle that András Hadik started in the fourth race of the championship, because two weeks before the Vértes Rally, the MK II Fiesta was crushed in the Rally3 race in Lyukobánya. Well not because of the team, because the service – together with the design pilot – rebuilt the Ford in 3 days, the only question was whether M-Sport could provide a new cassette for the Miskolc brigade. The English delivered the new booth, and the rest is history, as the 2018 champion, along with a sore back and some painkillers, also delivered another third place. The Hadik-Kertész double occupies this position with 72 points in the league.

Ferencze Vincenc of the quarter performed more indefinitely than usual in Vértes. He did not win the speed of the defending champion and congratulated the Venice in a very sporty way. “There are days like this, this time we couldn’t compete with the others. We collected valuable points, though we hoped for more from this race. There was no tragedy, we are better prepared for Nyíregyháza and we will attack again! ” The Vinczes have collected 92 units so far and continue to lead the tournament.

After the Salgó Rally, the Csomós – Nagy double finished again in the top5, and the Mixi won the first stage victory of their first-class career. Last year’s Peugeot Cup winners were unable to start in Eger due to an unfortunate accident before the race, so their current performance is a real beauty patch on the September wounds.

A new winner was inaugurated in the domestic rally 3For the first time in the Peugeot 208 Cup, Gábor Német was in the lead, but on the seventh fast he was forced to give up the race due to a technical error, then Ákos Tábori followed, but even in Eger, the Peugeot R2 still stubbornly under him. year-old Hangódi Bendegúz and his navigator, Gábor Patkó, finished at the helm of the 208 Hungary Cup.

In the RC4 category, Gergő Szauer tripled, which is a big feat because the pilot from Mohács was able to instruct László Martin behind him even with a 30-second penalty. In the ORC, Attila Rongits reaped his second race victory this year, with which he thoroughly stepped in the championship from Ariel, Gyarmati and Tamás Bacsa.

A new winner was inaugurated in the domestic rally 4The final result of the 2020 close-up rally:


Adam Adam Tamás Szőke

# 5 Skoda Fabia R5 Evo


Frigyes Turán László Bagaméri

# 33 VW Polo R5


András Hadik Krisztián Kertész

#9 Ford Fiesta R5 MKII


Vincze Ferenc Bacigal Igor

# 1 Škoda Fabia Rally2 Here


Miklós Csomós Attila the Great

# 93 Skoda Fabia R5


János Balogh Daniel Holczer

#8 Ford Fiesta R5 MKII


Kristóf Klausz – Botond Csányi

# 7 Ford Fiesta R5


Péter Osváth – Tamás Papp

# 76 Skoda Fabia R5


Attila Rongits – László Hannus

# 37 Mitsubishi Evo IX RS


József Trencsényi – Gábor Verba

# 99 Skoda Fabia R5


The championship is in the III. Nyíregyháza Rally continues on November 6-8. which will be the fourth race of the European Rally Championship.

Text Gergő Vörös
Photo: Miklós Marcis, János Molnár, Ádám SZabó-Jilek



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