A new virtual theater platform

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It’s called Teatro AMMA, it has the patronage of Elena Roger and it will offer shows by María Castillo de Lima, the first transgender soprano to set foot in the Teatro Colón, and by Roberto Peloni, Laura Conforte and Debora Turza.

With the patronage of Elena Roger, a virtual platform has originated as a theater dedicated to classical music, musical theater, popular music and international music. The teacher Mirta Arrúa Lichi is in charge of the artistic direction.

And among other shows, there will be a series of shows by María Castillo de Lima, the first transgender artist to step on the stage of the Teatro Colón, and others starring figures from the Argentine musical, such as Roberto Peloni, Laura Conforte, Romina Groppo and Debora Turza .

Unlike other virtual content platforms, the AMMA Theater, as it is called, presents a specialized billboard with references from different fields of music and theater. The content of the platform is based on co-productions of the theater with the artists to bring new proposals in a format, it is said, cinematographic.

Through the association with EntradaUno, which is a company with more than 3 million active users, the AMMA Theater offers a secure platform to support high traffic in transmissions. Many plays are uploaded and viewed from Zoom, and this platform ensures connection for thousands of viewers simultaneously. It can be followed from any type of device, tablet, smartphone or PC.

The AMMA Theater opened its virtual doors with original proposals on Thursday, August 27, with the show The musical sings to equality, in which emblematic songs of the musical theater against racial, social and sexual discrimination were rescued, under the direction of Pablo Gorlero, who will also co-direct with Laura Mancini a cycle of documentary shows under the title of The musical is history, a virtual tour in four episodes on the history of musical theater.

And they already passed Tango villero, Sebastián Zilleoto’s one-man show (it was Friday, August 28), and on Wednesday, September 9, Cuba on my skin, with German-based Cuban singer Jeny Toro.

On Saturday September 12 will be Musicals from home, a musical encounter between Laura Esquivel and Alejandro Paker. And on Friday 18 it will be Fernando Albinarrate’s turn, with his Piano Man.

Saturday 19 is the date that the cycle of shows by María Castillo de Lima will begin, which will begin with an intimate show entitled The two in me, which will be a sound tour of its own identity on the path of music. The transgender soprano will later offer the concert Operate in the kitchen, where he will perform arias by Rossini preparing some live pasta.

A week later, on Saturday September 26, one of the first tributes will arrive entitled Beyond time, with the direction of Mirta Arrúa Lichi and Chacho Garabal, where together with Zaira Ciavicchioli they will make a trip with the songs of Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley and Lady Gaga.

At the same time, Gorlero will carry out a series of shows with great artists of musical theater, such as Roberto Peloni, Laura Conforte, Romina Groppo, Debora Turza, Flavia Pereda, Gustavo Monje and Claudia Tejada, among others.

And October 24 will be the date that Elena Roger and Mirta Arrua Lichi will honor Latin American women in an exclusive concert.


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