Both the General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering of Spain (Cogiti) and the General Council of Medical Colleges of Spain (Cgcom) have warned that the ventilation of the classrooms through protocols based on window opening times it is not a sufficient option to minimize the risk of contagion by coronavirusin educational centers.

Thus, experts conclude that the action of ventilating is not significant if it is not complemented CO2 measurements. And it is that the data analyzed so far confirm that natural ventilation without an objective reference on the quality of the air in them suppose a “lack of guarantee”.

Cogiti’s Ventilation Expert Committee has highlighted the need for have CO2 meters that indicate the natural ventilation time necessary to maintain an appropriate indoor air quality to minimize the transmission of the virus through aerosols, the main mode of contagion of Covi-19 discovered so far.

Coronavirus.- Five centers promote safe school environments to stop the virus and improve the air

In all the classrooms analyzed in the study carried out by these organizations, the CO2 concentration exceeded 800 ppm within 15 minutes from the closing of the windows and, except in two of the classrooms, 5 minutes of opening the windows in the 20 minute no they managed to lower the CO2 level below 800 ppm. Always keeping in mind that the CO2 level set as an alarm is 775 ppm.