On 23 October 2019, 39 people – 31 males, including two 15-year-olds and ten women – were found deceased in a refrigerated truck whose pot had arrived in an industrial playground throughout east London in Zeebrugge, Belgium. Some of the victims had been in Belgium before leaving.

People from france and Belgium have indicted twenty six individuals in connection with the tragedy regarding “trafficking in human beings in an arranged group”, “aid for entry or even stay in an organized group” plus “criminal association”. Six of the defendants are also being prosecuted for “involuntary manslaughter.”

According to a justice in Old Bailey, England, 2 men are guilty of murder in the demise truck. The two are: Eamonn Harrison, aged 24, and Romanian-British Gheorghe Nica, aged 43, presented as being a human trafficker. Harrison and Nica are found guilty connected with 39 counts of murder. Earlier, the driver of the truck or van, Maurice Robinson, had pleaded bad to manslaughter.

The analysis into this tragedy is being executed jointly by the United Kingdom, Ireland, People from france and Belgium.

The theatre, which had an international resonance, delivered to light the dangers of illegal settlement, with unscrupulous traffickers who leverage the vulnerability of victims, who typically end up in precarious jobs, in a semi-slavery status in Great Britain, notes AFP.

According to prosecutors, the immigrants, connected with Vietnamese origin, would have paid above 10,000 euros to reach often the British territory.