A new project by Wong Kar-Wai entitled Chungking Express 2020 gets the green light from the Chinese authorities

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Official Chinese censorship approval for the filming of Wong Kar-Wai’s long-awaited new project, Chungking Express 2020, a sequel to 1994’s Hong Kong Express.

The long-awaited return of an author loved by millions of fans is approaching, Wong Kar-Wai. The Chinese authorities, in fact, have approved a new project written by the director with the title Chungking Express 2020, which looks like a sequel to the 1994 contemporary classic from the original title Chungking Express, from us Hong Kong Express. The script was submitted to Shanghai censorship in April, while approval came a few hours ago. Green light, therefore, at the beginning of the shooting of the film.

In the official document there is a short synopsis that can help us better understand the subject of the film. “In the 1990s in Hong Kong, the heartbroken policeman 223 meets a blonde killer and the two spend a night together. The policeman 663, also recovering from a love disappointment, sees his life gradually change following the intrusion of the “person of his dreams”. In 2036, the young Xiao Qian and May are in search of their destiny ”. Not that it helped us too much to understand the plot.

The original Hong Kong Express was written and directed by Wong Kar-Wai in 1994, starring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Brigitte Lin, Faye Wong and Takeshi Kaneshiro. The story told of two love stores starring two policemen with a broken heart by a disappointment. The former tries to overcome the breakup with a woman named May when he meets a mysterious femme fatale, while the latter overcomes the pain when he falls in love with a girl he met in a fast food restaurant. There seems to be a direct link, therefore, between the two films, although a part should be set in the future.

Wong is currently working on a TV series in China, so it’s still unclear when Chungking Express 2020 will be shot. In the meantime, his filmography will be released in new versions restored in 4K, starting with In the Mood for Love for the twentieth anniversary. Wong is also working on two adaptations from the novel set in Shanghai, Blossoms, which will become both a film, which he should direct, and a television series.



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