A new project by the biologist of the Oblasova and AIDS Center will tell you how to prevent cancer

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MedPortal managed to talk with Antonina Oblasova, co-author of the educational project “Vaccinations against cancer”, created by ANO “Collective Immunity” and AIDS. Center with the support of a grant named after Andrey Pavlenko.

What is the essence

The project is intended to tell in a language accessible to the average person about cancer, the infections that cause it, and, most importantly, ways of protection – through vaccination. The presentation format is extremely visual: animated slides, videos, infographics using scientific data, tests and algorithms:

The immune system

Ways of transmission of infections

Immune response

To be ill or not to be ill?

The creators of “Vaccinations against Cancer” emphasize that two vaccines can protect us from viruses that can cause cancer in humans: from hepatitis B virus and human papillomavirus.


In 2018, about 13% of all new cancer cases were associated with infections. In absolute terms, this is more than two million new cases. A similar trend has been observed before. Every year, out of 100,000 people with infection-related cancers, 25 get sick, according to website project.


Blogger, biologist, co-founder of ANO “Collective immunity” Antonina Oblasova:

“Readers always have a lot of questions about these vaccinations: why vaccinate a child against hepatitis B in a maternity hospital, whether adults need to vaccinate them, whether a teenager needs to be vaccinated against human papillomavirus, whether this vaccine will cause infertility, whether an adult woman or an adult man needs it. .. People do not know whether they need to be vaccinated and why. Realizing the scarcity of this information, we decided to cover this topic in great detail through the project: to create a website where the answers to these questions would be posted.

We have previously explained the basic terms for an unprepared reader, such as “pathogen”, “antigen”, “wild virus”. Then they told how the infection is associated with cancer. Human papillomavirus and hepatitis B viruses are not the only ones that cause cancer. There are many other infections, even parasitic ones, that can do this. Unfortunately, there are no vaccinations against them, but we can prevent them, either by curing them in time, or by observing the rules of hygiene.

On the human papillomavirus and hepatitis B virus, we have made articles with answers to all questions about the infections themselves, their features and dangers, possible ways of their transmission, risk groups, methods of protection and features of vaccination. If a person doesn’t want to read the article but needs to quickly figure out if they need a vaccine, they can take the test. All this is on the project website at the AIDS.Center site. “.

According to Oblasova, scientific editors worked on the project, thanks to which it can be considered as objective, understandable and correct as possible. The biologist expressed the hope that medical workers will also be able to use the project for educational purposes.



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