a new official trailer to announce the release on Disney +

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On the day when the new, awaited Disney-Pixar film officially opens the Rome Film Fest 2020, an official American trailer debuts online, highlighting its release on Disney’s streaming platform for Christmas day.

By now you will all know that, as happened a short time ago in Mulan, also Soul will debut directly in streaming on Disney+, completely bypassing the theatrical release which – it is news these days – is no longer a priority for the American entertainment giant.
And, to clearly underline this change of strategy, it comes out today, on the same day as the new, highly anticipated film by Disney-Pixar officially opens the 2020 edition of the Rome Film Festival, a new official trailer of Soul which underlines the new destination and the debut date, or Christmas Day of this year.

Soul: new official trailer of the Disney-Pixar movie


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