A new judicial setback for Ángel Cabrera in his causes for gender violence

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The Chamber of Accusations of the City of Córdoba rejected the appeal presented by his lawyer to deactivate the golfer’s arrest warrants and maintain his freedom.

The situation of Ángel Cabrera, on whom two arrest warrants for gender violence weigh, is increasingly complicated. The Chamber of Accusations of the City of Córdoba rejected the last appeal presented by his lawyer Miguel Alejandro Gavier to deactivate arrest warrants and maintain freedom.

This was confirmed to Clarín by the lawyer Carlos nayi, defender of Cecilia Torres Mana, former partner of the 51-year-old golfer, who reported him for the first time in December 2016.

“The highest court in Cordoba once again gave a very clear signal. This man is a fugitive, there is procedural danger and there is no intention of collaborating with Justice. He has proven to defy her beyond contempt for the victim, “Nayi said.

Cabrera is in the United States, where he traveled at the end of July to compete, and a few days ago he had surgery on a wrist.

“As you file appeals, the greater the adversity you will have to face from the procedural point of view. This resolution has a high legal significance, given an attitude that must be interpreted as mocks Justice and the whole society“Nayi analyzed.

And he ratified that the red alert issued about three weeks ago by Interpol, a body to which the Cordovan Justice requested collaboration to find, arrest and extradite Cabrera.

This Thursday, the sole member of the Accusation Maximiliano Octavio Davies He rejected the appeal of the Cabrera defender and ratified the two arrest warrants that weigh on the champion of the US Open 2007 and the Augusta Masters 2009.

The first was issued on August 14 at the request of Cristian Griffi, Family Violence Prosecutor of Córdoba, for the alleged violation of the restrictions imposed in the cause of gender violence initiated by Torres Mana.

Meanwhile, six days later, Laura Batistelli, prosecutor of the II Criminal and Correctional Chamber of that province, requested the capture because the duck he did not appear for the summons to trial for alleged violence against a partner.

Davies confirmed in the third instance the two requests, already approved by the Control Judge María Cristina Giordano and the member of the 2nd Crime Chamber Mónica Traballini, and argued that Cabrera committed the “crime of repeatedly disobedience to authority” .

He duck He traveled to the United States in late July, where he was competing in various events on the PGA Tour veterans circuit. Two weeks ago, he reported that he underwent an operation on a wrist in the United States and generated outrage in the prosecution and the defense of one of his complainants.

The Cordovan shared some photos on his Twitter account with the phrase: “I had an operation on my wrist. Waiting for a quick recovery.” In one of the images he is seen sitting on a hospital bed, with a sling on his left arm.

According to Nayi, the golfer took advantage of the wrist problem to justify his refusal to return to Argentina to appear in court.

However, Gavier assured in a talk with this newspaper at the end of August that the golfer “wants to appear in the Courts of Córdoba because the crime he committed is not serious and he cannot be detained”, but that he cannot return at this time because there are no regular flights due to restrictions due to the pandemic.

“My client has not yet received any official request for his arrest. In any case, he has every intention of appearing before the Justice and asserting his rights, since the crimes are minor. They are simple minor injuries and qualified minor injuries. They are not serious (sic) and he has nothing to hide, “said the lawyer.



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