A new Fede Bal: low-key, reality and vegetarian food

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After overcoming colon cancer, he will do “MasterChef Celebrity” and stream from home. He says that those who criticize him do not pay the bills.

The role of Federico Bal was mutating in the media. He started out as the son of Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal, later he became the star of the Dancing for a Dream, a contest in which he was crowned champion and won several “boyfriend’s” along the way. However, lately he opted for lower your profile and focus on your career.

Federico Bal made the decision before a doctor called him on the phone in March to confirm that he had colon cancer. Even though he had already lost his dad, this new shock shook his life completely and not only in the projection he was doing as an artist.

“I went through a lot of situations, treatments and a lot of things that opened up in my head, because I was quite closed in some things in my life. This made me see things from another point of view. Having a disease as strong as the one that I had, and being so close to things not going well … You start to think that if we leave this plane one has things to say, to make friends with some others, to open the head to understand that health is important with a good nutrition, with the day to day, with a lot of things “, Federico reflects

Talking about romances or joining controversies had already passed into the background for him. But the disease finished closing that stage of the artist who today prefers to be known for his work and not for a new love.

Between fear and uncertainty of what will happen, Fede Bal had to make friends with the words cancer, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. A reality and concepts that at that age no one believes that they can live in the first person.

“It was not a matter of death, it was a feeling that if you are not there, what would you like to do before leaving. It was like realizing that we do not have everything so free in life and things have an end point. Sometimes one does not You talk to a friend for a lot of years, you don’t apologize, you don’t tell your old woman that you love her, “he says.

And he continues: “These are things that do good to the soul. These are things that you see after having a major illness like the one I had, or the loss of a relative. Hard moments in life that build a wall that you have to go through and that when you spend it you realize that there are no ugly days. You realize that it is very nice and important to be sincere more than anything with one. It is a new life, a new way of living. I’m still the same as always the same, I’m not so zen“.

In each conversation, Bal is in charge of emphasizing that he looks at life with different eyes, that his priorities have changed, and that he chooses to enjoy what he has and what happens to him. With the newspaper on Monday and the disease overcome, the actor makes a positive balance of what he had to live.

“I would have liked not to spend those months of uncertainty, pain, a lot of treatment, but it happened. I think it is something super necessary. Fernando Peña said: ‘I hope you have a very important disease and that you can heal to see life from another place’ “.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, his mother had to go through this entire process without being able to see her son. However, she considers that the support of Carmen, her girlfriend Sofía Aldrey and that of her friends was the most important thing to get through cancer.

“It’s like feeling like you’re not alone. Having a worried mom and girlfriend. Having a friend who sends you a stupid picture on WhatsApp so you can laugh. I always tried to normalize my illness and tell them: ‘If I have this, I’m going to fight, I’ll be fine. ”But that opened up as a kind of half-simulated relaxation joke. My friends were in the midst of having fun and privately concerned. But it was something that I didn’t find out, they didn’t let me know.

Now healed, now it is his turn to support his mother, who had to get off the Singing 2020 for suffering from shingles, herpes zoster, which caused partial facial paralysis. “The truth is, it’s fine, I think it’s a matter of stress. She lived through difficult times. I don’t want to put myself in the shoes of a mother whose son happened to what happened to me. I really prefer to have it myself and not my children. Never in life. “

In the midst of the stop in the theater industry, Fede Bal starts his career with a one-man named Late Night Yo On September 25 at 8:00 p.m. From his living room, he invites you to meet each of those personalities who live in it and who were leaving with their quarantine and during their illness.

“It’s something quite personal. There is something very nice about the show which is that I feel like I’m pretty naked at some point. I feel that I open up a lot, but in a super interesting context, because it is a bit in this madness of confinement a kid who goes out to transmit like Jimmy Fallon, but with the technologies that he has at home. Since I can’t have a guest, I invite myself and talk to me“.

The show of little more than an hour has a script by Félix Buenaventura and music by Dany Vila. Although he considers himself an artist of the theater, one of those who like contact with people and being able to test each line with the reaction of the public, Bal is preparing to debut by streaming.

“It’s something new, I think it’s here to stay. I don’t think one thing will replace the other. One as an artist has to think of a content that is more global, that can be seen simultaneously in many places. It seems super interesting to think about it from that side. “


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