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Caro has landed on Lisha’s list of enemies and should prepare for a massacre – of which she has no idea yet.

Betrayal, revenge and the wrong game: it remains exciting in the “Summer House of the Stars” (RTL / TVNOW). In the tenth episode, the dynamics shift again. Thanks again, of course, to Lisha (33), who bears the next friendship to the grave. At least from behind.

In the game “Swinger Party” the women have to perform an extreme amount of mental arithmetic, while at a dizzying height only a snap hook separates them from a fall into the depths. The hook goes with the correct answer, which means that the women have to do an unintentional Bunjee jump backwards after a brilliant performance. The task of the men, however, is to stand around below. And hope, because the winners will be able to dispose of a couple who have secured themselves in the last few games. “That changes everything!” Even Chris checks this time.

Bodybuilder Caro (41) keeps a cool head despite her fear of heights and a husband who constantly yells insults at her from below and calculates the solution in less than seven minutes. The first victory for Andreas (52) and Caro! But the joy doesn’t last long. With great strength comes great responsibility, Spiderman already knew. And when it comes to the question of who to dispose of, Caro and Andreas are far from agreed: Andreas is for Lisha and Lou (31) – which is out of the question for Caro. Especially because she has already assured her summer house friend that she would not choose her under any circumstances.

Final boss conscience

But Andreas has good arguments and friendship is not one of them: “Either we have two opponents in the final that are tough or one. What do you prefer?”, “Tomorrow it will be man against man and a Lisha and Lou would also kick us out “,” This is a game and this is about 50,000 euros “. Final boss conscience. A short time later, Andreas announced the Robens’ decision: Lisha and Lou lose their security position, “that is a tactical decision, a clear thing.”

For the now no longer secure couple, the action is “the most devious thing that has ever happened”. Or as the old saying goes, “Give a person power and he’ll fuck you.” Lisha even feels reminded of a trauma with her mother: “I can’t even trust the woman who threw me, dude. Who should I trust?” Certainly not Caro anymore, even if she “feels like I have sold my soul”, apologizes, regrets and weeps bitter tears of guilt.

To loosen up in the “Summer House of Thrones” follows a small competition. We come to the most humiliating game so far: women have to outdo each other with the “knowledge” of their men. How many punctuation marks can your man list? How many oceans? Consonants? The most common answer from women: “I pass.” The men still undercut expectations. Least of all did not know the Pharos. And are therefore safe. That too.

Caro hugs the devil

Back to the actual battle: Lisha has decided to “smear honey around Caro’s mouth” for as long as she needs. The most amazing thing is that Caro falls for it. In the camera room, she is happy that the friendship is now even “more intimate and closer than before”, while pictures of an embrace between the two are played. Lisha with a diabolical grin about the same scene: “You’re hugging the devil right now.” Because of course she hasn’t forgiven anything. “I am disgusted with them. […] And in the end they get the suitcase slammed in the face by us. “

And Lisha’s plan works: With the nomination in the evening, Caro officially makes amends for what her husband had screwed up earlier: As promised, she elects Eva and Chris. The formerly most hated couple say goodbye the next morning. Which in the past eight episodes would have caused some joyful dances, but now hardly matters. Why should it? There’s a new enemy in the house.


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