On Friday last week, Oulun Kärpät reported a coronavirus infection in a member of the team.

On Monday, it became known that another coronavirus infection had been diagnosed in the team.

– We have tried to prepare for this and we have previously discussed within the organization that such a possibility also exists. After all, it is always a new situation. None of us have been like this before, CEO of Kärppie Tommi Virkkunen says Iltalehti.

– We don’t want to blame anyone, and we don’t want to go pointing. Matches are lost and won together and so on here. Suffer and hope that everyone stays healthy.

The flies had been prepared before through to prevent coronavirus infections.

– The whole League has acted as instructed. Within the club, the players and others are committed to trying to avoid public places as much as possible and we have dined as a team in the hall on our own premises, Virkkunen says.

– When we do not live in a bubble all the time, it is always possible (corona infection) to come. However, everyone has their own life there and you have to go shopping, there can be children in the nurseries and so on.

With the coronary infection that appeared on Friday, part of the Fly team wanted to go for the test the very next day on Saturday. Some visited on Monday.

The results of these tests are expected on Tuesday.

– We decided that everyone who wants can visit. Most wanted to visit. As such, we would not have been obliged, but we decided it was wiser to visit. However, when an athlete is training, then there is no option for someone to train unknowingly that they are ill.

The results of those who took the corona tests on Saturday have all already come. The flies knew a little bit that new infections could appear in the team.

During a coronavirus pandemic, when it has become quite clear that if one infection occurs in any group, it is very possible that someone else will also give a positive corona test result.

– As such, there have been more than one in them.

– Here, health is the most important thing for everyone. That’s what we want everyone to be healthy when they go to the box. As such, one game is just more that is transferred, this does not change terribly, Virkkunen says.

Could the KalPa match have been suspended?

The first corona infection of the flies came to light last Friday in the middle of the KalPa match. The infected person was not on Kärppie’s trip in Kuopio at that time.

According to Virkkunen, with the corona infection, there was a discussion about suspending the KalPa match.

– We had that discussion with the authorities, and the director of the competition was present Arto I. Järvelä. According to their instructions, it was possible to play that game.

– We also wanted that discussion from the authorities so that we know we are making the right decisions. Ultimately, Järvelä will make those decisions, Virkkunen continues.

On Monday, it emerged that 13 of KalPan’s players have been exposed to the coronavirus. The member of the flies who had the second corona infection had been with the team in Kuopio.

The entire team of flies is in quarantine, which continues on 26.10. until. According to Virkkunen, the Oulu team has not yet had a discussion about what kind of exercises players can do while in quarantine.

– We are having a discussion with the authorities about whether we can practice in small groups. We do not deviate from the instructions. It goes according to what comes from there.

– The authorities have instructed that players can go outside in a certain way, wear masks and take care that the safety distances are maintained, but there must be no group training, Virkkunen continues.