A 41-year-old mathematics teacher is suspected of killing Stefan T, a 44-year-old engineer who was missing by his roommates two months ago. It is a sexually motivated crime.

Forensic scientists determined that the bones belonged to this man after investigators’ dogs led them to the suspect. People walking in the park in a suburb of Berlin uncovered their bones on November 8.

A policeman told the German press that one of the bones had no meat on it at all and other indications led to the suspicion that it was the victim of a cannibal.

The alleged killer, with the same first name as his victim, entered a forum dedicated to discussions on cannibalism, the German dpa agency quoted by the BBC reported.

The murdered man, Stefan T, left his apartment on September 5 shortly before midnight and never returned. His roommates reported his disappearance.

The German press compares the case with that of Armin Meiwes, a cannibal sentenced to life in 2006. He met his victim in an internet discussion group dedicated to people interested in cannibalism. He filmed the murder, and investigators determined that the 44-year-old man killed his victim, a 43-year-old man, for sexual pleasure.