It is certain that they are not necessarily the cheapest devices on the market, but they certainly have something special. For those who are willing to invest, an Apple laptop can become the favorite model.

What is rumored, however, is that the American company is preparing to launch a new Apple laptop that will be based on an ARM architecture. For those who don’t know, ARM or Acorn RISC Machine, is an architecture 32-bit and 64-bit RISC microprocessors. It is one of the most used types of computer architectures due to its high performance, low power consumption and low cost and size. It is used especially in the case of smartphones, supercomputers, servers or embedded systems. It was introduced by Acorn Computers and later developed by ARM Holdings.

It could also be the cheapest MacBook model, priced at $ 800, more or less, for the 12-inch version. For the MacBook Pro 13, it could be added somewhere at $ 300.

It is speculated that these new Apple laptops will be launched at the October events for the launch of the new iPhone 12. As with the new laptops, it is also speculated that they will have a much lower price.

Apple just updated the MacBook Air 6 months ago, and one thing is for sure: the company would not launch a new device unless it obviously represents a change in the dynamics of existing models. Let’s just hope a low price it will not mean that the performance of the laptop will be affected.

As rumors are always circulating, it would be speculated that there is a possibility that the October event will be postponed until November or even until next year. What is certain is that the company will certainly not announce the biggest change that MacBooks have undergone in years through a press release, so the possibility of an event taking place is very high.

Many are considering organizing the event next year. Even Forbes is taking this into account, and one of the main factors in this decision may be the Covid-19 virus itself. The company would have promised to launch an Apple laptop with ARM processor by the end of 2020, but that does not mean that plans cannot change. This period is uncertain and ambiguous, and companies need to pay more attention to economic fluctuations, think about marketing strategies and research the market much more often than they did before.

If Apple decides to launch the first laptop with an ARM processor, it must ensure that it works exemplary. This new model will be a first impression that will be a starting point in the future, and the company must ensure that the feedback is positive, and that people will remember this device as a success. So, in principle, no matter how long it takes for this new laptop model to be launched, it is quite certain that Apple will take enough time to bring a good product to market.

As all this is still at the rumor stage and we can not be sure of the launch of the new Apple laptop in October, November or even next spring, we must consider all possibilities. For now, we can only wait and follow the steps that Apple will take in connection with the launch of this model and we can only hope that this will be soon.