F1 seven-time world champion Michael sSchumacher was seriously injured in a downhill accident in 2013. An F1 legend stabbed his head in a rock and was rushed to a hospital where he was trapped in a coma.

So far, all that has come to light is that he has awakened from a coma, but there is little information about Schumacher’s current state that has seeped into the public eye.

French television channel RMC Story has now investigated Schumacher’s situation and interviewed doctors and neurologists for his documentary. Among other things, a neurologist Erich Rieder gave an inconsolable assessment of Schumacher’s treatment.

According to Rieder, doctors should have acted more quickly with regard to Schumacher treatment after the accident.

– You have to act on your brain right away. I think we waited too long and if time allows, the brain will start to be destroyed, Rieder said. RTL site according to the document.

Rieder speculates that Schumacher is currently in a vegetative state, and he does not believe that Schumacher will ever recover.

Brawn defends

Schumacher dominated the F1 series for several years, but also received criticism in his career. He has even been described as a horrific character and, at worst, a reckless driver.

Former Schumacher team manager Ross Brawn defends Schumacher’s reputation. According to Brawn, Schumacher is a misunderstood person.

“I don’t know if he enjoyed the impression he created because he was a pretty scary character in many different ways,” Brawn commented to Sky.

– But if you knew him personally, he was the opposite, very immersive. Often when I introduced him to people who had not yet met him, they found him despicable and terrible. But when he got to know him, their opinion completely changed, he continued.