Rain Love tried to murder her husband Emre Asikin. The woman first asked her mistress Erdi Sunguria to rivet the former top courier. He even gave him a gun.

However, Plan A went wrong, and now Sungur and the woman are being charged with attempted murder.

– He was only thinking about recovering property after Emre Aşık died. He asked me to kill him, but I refused, Sungur said according to court documents.

Sungur then introduced the woman to a hit man who could handle the job. The assassin had already been sitting in the castle for the murder of three people. Yağmur Aşık was prepared to pay ten million Turkish lire, or more than 1.12 million euros, for the murder.

The assassin accepted the assignment. He then began looking with the woman for a place where Emre Aşık could be buried after the murder.

However, the plan turned on its head at the point when the assassin was about to carry out his mission: instead of murder, he told Emre Aşık about his wife’s intentions.

Plan B also went awry, and Yağmur Aşık got caught.

Emre Aşık, who also played 34 matches on the Turkish national team, has three children in common with Yağmur Aşık. The couple have been together since 2012 and are still married.

Emre Aşık, 46, represented Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş at the club team level, among others.

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