Mourning in Mexican wrestling after Luis Ángel Salazar, “the Air Prince“, lose his life in combat after receiving several impacts to the chest, causing a heart attack shortly after it turned out to be fatal.

Although he managed to get to the hospital alive after losing consciousness in the ring, the Mexican did not survive.

In the middle of the fight at the Arena San Juan Pantitlán he fell struck down after receive two punches and a kick to the chest that his rival gave him. However, as much as the referee they realized the seriousness of the matter and went to attend to it immediately.

The medical services tried to revive him on the canvas, without any success, and ended up transferring him to the nearest hospital, but they could not save the life of the fighter.

Local media report that he suffered a pre-infarction after blows, thus causing its fading, and a heart attack already in the hospital he ended his life.