The Finnish Championship League Oulun Kärpät announced on Friday night that a member of the team has been diagnosed with a corona infection.

CEO of the flies Tommi Virkkunen tells Iltalehti that he got information about the infection in the middle of Friday’s KalPa match.

– That’s when the game started. When the team doctor called, I thought something had happened while playing in the middle of the game.

Virkkunen reveals that after the call, there was a discussion with the Oulu and Kuopio infection doctors about what kind of measures will be taken.

– When the information came, the doctors and professionals who took the decision were the first to be included, and we respected that decision. The chance of grabbing KalPan players was small. Arvel from Järvelä also took part in that call.

A member of the Kärppie team who was infected with the corona had had flu symptoms, which is why he had taken the corona test on Wednesday, October 14th. The infected person was not with the team in Kuopio.

The entire team of flies has been quarantined since Friday’s match. The team has been suspended and no rehearsals are being held. With the decision to the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District, the Kärppi League team will be quarantined on 24 October. until.

Virkkunen also says that the entire Kärppie team goes for corona tests – for safety.

– I understand we are not obliged to do so, but we wanted to ask which day would be enough. Probably on Monday or Tuesday everyone will visit, including asymptomatic ones.

– At the same time, they make a decision on Saturday’s game, Virkkunen says.

Virkkunen says that the club has a low threshold to send a player for tests if very mild flu symptoms occur. This has also happened during the early part of the season.

– If we look at the whole team in the fall, I don’t even remember how the test was done. Someone has had mild symptoms, so many players have been tested during the season. So far, each of them has been negative. As a symptom, I have not gone anywhere.

– The threshold is as low as possible, we do not want to risk the health of athletes, Virkkunen continues.

The flies suffered a barren 1-5 loss on Friday as a guest of KalPa. Virkkunen does not believe that the suspicion of a corona affected the team’s performance in Kuopio.

– You could easily say that, but I don’t think there was an effect.

“There must be realists”

The corona pandemic has worsened since the fall of the world. Corona infections have also appeared at an accelerating pace in Finland.

Even in the Finnish Championship League, some matches have already had to be postponed, when, among other things, the home matches of Vaasan Sport were put down due to the difficult corona situation in Vaasa. Now, due to the corona infection of the flies, the next three matches of the Oulu team have been postponed.

It is very likely that the corona infections will not stay here for this season and the situation of the Flies will be repeated during the season for another team.

– Realistically, we believed that these would come. I can’t say about the amount, but you have to be realistic. (Through) could continue from the other end and be played in the regular season a little longer. Everyone has a strong desire to play. It is also financially important that we are able to play the regular season. (Match) transfers will be few. That’s awful when it comes to more expenses and it worries.

– It is hoped that there will be none, but realistically more will happen. We follow the instructions of the authorities. Geographically, it is easier to move matches in the south. Here, it’s hard to find a niche that would be cost-effective for everyone.