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A 74-year-old man has come back to life after spending 20 hours in a freezer, where his family put him after giving him up for dead. The events took place in India, where the old man lived, who He suffered from a disease for which he was in critical condition.

Last Monday, when his family went to see him to bed, the man had stopped moving and they left him for dead, so they requested a cooling box to remain in it until the funeral was held. The surprise came when, after 20 hours in the box, the worker who went to pick it up with the alleged deceased inside, noticed that the man was showing signs of life and the relatives were able to verify that he was still breathing.

Now the police are investigating the facts of the family’s negligence by putting this man’s life at risk.

Local media released a video that shows the old man convulsing in the freezer while listening to the voice of a man who assures that the septuagenarian is his brother and is dead, while another second voice responds that Kumar’s hand is shaking.



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