74 years old Balasubramania kumar was taken to a hospital in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India on Monday. According to the family, the doctor of the private hospital soon declared the man dead.

The family took the man’s body home. A burial contractor called to the site brought there a freezer for the body, in which the earthly remains of Balasubramania were placed. The family said the funeral will be held soon, writes BBC.

On Tuesday night, the funeral contractors came to pick up the body and to their shock, they noticed that the man put in the freezer was shaking and breathing.

The man and neighbors of the funeral contractor rushed the man to a state-run hospital.

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The doctor at the state hospital says the man was in very poor condition when he was brought to the hospital. He died on Friday of lung problems.

According to the representative of the funeral contractor, Balasubramania’s brother claimed to have a death certificate signed by a doctor.

At this point, the police were also asked to be present. Chief of Salem Police Senthil Kumar tells the BBC that the family had not been able to show them a death certificate.

Police have charged the family with abandonment. Now a “permanently” dead man lived with his wife, two daughters and a brother.

It is not known how he survived the freezing conditions apparently for almost a day.