The cold arrives and the water in the shower becomes increasingly hot. But you have to be careful with the change in temperatures, because too drastic a jump from hot to cold can cause a reaction in our body.

Is what has happened to a 34-year-old man, who had to go to the emergency room for hypotension and dyspnea after being exposed to cold air after getting out of the shower.

The case, which has been published in the magazine ‘The Journal of Emergency Medicine’, occurred in Colorado (USA), where relatives found the man lying on the ground are cold-induced urticaria / anaphylaxis. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor performed the “ice cube test”, which consists of placing an ice cube on the skin for about 5 minutes to analyze its reaction to the cold. Indeed, the professional ended up confirming the diagnosis by presenting a red and raised bump on the skin that had been exposed to the cold.

After being treated with antihistamines and steroids, the patient’s condition improved and he was discharged with the recommendation that he avoid being exposed to cold water or other situations in which the body could be affected by the cold.

A “life-threatening” reaction

Cold ampphylaxis, they tell in the magazine, “is a serious form of hypersensitivity reaction to low temperatures”, that cause reactions in the body and that can even be “life threatening”.

“The condition can be acquired or hereditary, although it can also be idiopathic”They explain, adding that “prevention involves avoiding known triggers, most commonly cold immersion due to the environment or exposure to water.”