A man crashed his car into the seat of the government of Angela Merkel in Germany with a message

Police quickly stopped the driver. The chancellor was in the building. What the inscription said.

This Wednesday morning a man crashed a car with anti-globalization graffiti into the entrance of the German Chancellery in Berlin, where Angela Merkel was, without causing damage of magnitude, after which he was arrested by the Police.

The vehicle, a dark green Volkswagen, had messages written on the outside in white paint calling for a stop. “politics of globalization” and exclaiming that “They are damn murderers of children and old men”.

The Police, who quickly reduced it, are investigating whether it was a attack against the government. “We want to know if he deliberately crashed into the fence,” said a police spokesman.

There was no damage to the Chancellery building. The car itself didn’t end up with major breakages either. The impact was partly stopped by pivots placed to prevent this type of attack against the building that Angela Merkel has occupied for 15 years.

Following the arrest of the 54-year-old man, the car was removed by firefighters. It was registered in the Lippe area, in the west of the country.

Merkel’s office is located in the center of Berlin, next to the Swiss Embassy and opposite the parliament offices. At the moment the reason for the incident is unknown, which occurred on the same day that the chancellor plans to meet with state governors to address a possible extension of the partial quarantine for the coronavirus that has been in force since November 2.

The district where the German government is headquartered was recently the scene of protests against the restrictions imposed against the Covid, in which radical right-wing radicals and groups that lean towards conspiracy theories have participated.

German media reported that a similar vehicle was used in 2014 in an attempt to penetrate the perimeter of the Chancellery to protest against global warming.

With information from AFP and EFE.




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