A Jewish New Year at home

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Toasts take place in Israeli homes at sunset on Thursday. “Shana tová umetuká“The families gathered around the table wish a sweet and good year. But they have come a day early. The typical dinner that begins the Rosh Hashaná, the Jewish New Year, has had to be celebrated before because of the new confinement taxed on the population of Israel this Friday, September 18. On the 5781st anniversary of the creation of the first human being on the face of the Earth according to Jewish tradition, the Hebrew State gathers in their homes to control a morbidity rate of alarming coronavirus.

Rosh Hashanah lasts for three days and is the starting signal for the Fearsome days of Judaism. For 10 days until Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the Jewish community undergoes a process of introspection enlivened by family gatherings. This 2020 the reflection will be more lonely and homey. This Friday at 2:00 p.m. the confinement has been decreed that forces Israelis to stay in their homes after the figures of daily infections by coronavirus reach the 5.000 in the last days.

“We determined that one of the criteria for imposing new restrictions would be the voice of alarm given by the health system, and they gave it last week, “said the prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu this Thursday. “We are doing everything possible to balance economic and health needs,” he has defended himself against criticism within the Government and from the business sector. After consulting this measure “with several experts in the field”, the Minister of Health himself, Yudi Edelstein, has recognized that they weren’t “optimistic on the ability of these standards to reduce infections. ”

Many exceptions

The flexibility of the measures adopted, with a restriction of not going out more than 1,000 meters from home accompanied by a long list of exceptions, has sown many doubts. For three weeks, schools, shopping centers, non-essential businesses and hospitality shops will be closed. Meetings are limited to 10 people indoors and 20 outdoors. But the israelis they can go out to go to the psychologist, go to his job even if it is not essential, play sports, give blood or attend a demonstration.

During this holiday weekend, more than 7,000 additional members of law enforcement agencies they will control movements. But the director of Public Health Services, Sharon Alroy, has already warned that if “the behavior of the people is still the same [el confinamiento] it will not be successful “as Israel is headed for” uncontrollable morbidity “.

Economic crisis

In a country with 9 million inhabitants, those killed by coronavirus reach the 1.139, a relatively low figure thanks to the drastic measures imposed at the beginning of the pandemic. A too abrupt out of focus It has transformed Israel from a model case to a disaster. “The coronavirus can be with us for decades,” denounced the president of the High Tech producers association, Zvi Marom, therefore, it considers that the authorities must decide “how to continue operating while we live with the virus“.

Almost 5,000 million euros this new confinement may cost, according to Finance Minister Israel Katz

Criticism from the business sector comes at an economically difficult time. The first wave of the coronavirus increased unemployment in Israel from 3% in February to around 20% actual. The forecasts are catastrophic: this new confinement will cost the country around 5,000 million eurosaccording to Finance Minister Israel Katz. In addition, the Bank of Israel works with two economic forecasts, one based on maintaining the level of the pandemic that existed in August, and the other more serious, with new confinements in November or December and in March-April of next 2021.

Foreign policy

“We made mistakes and some of the complaints of the public are truly justified“, recognized the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabi Ashkenazi. After apologizing to the population, the Israeli authorities have declared that the confinement, for now, will last two weeks until the situation is reassessed. The general director of the Ministry of Health, Chezy Levy, has indicated that the closure will continue until the number of infections lower than 1,000 daily. “It is clear that at this time this fall is not going to happen,” he acknowledged.

Confinement will be maintained until the number of infections drops below a thousand a day

Israeli society enters this new phase of the pandemic with many doubts about the flexibility of the measures. Meanwhile, they criticize that their prime minister is more concerned about his foreign policy with the signing of the standardization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in Washington. The protests against Netanyahu they remain strong due to their corruption scandals and their poor management of the health crisis. In turn, this week Israel has experienced new confrontations with bombings on the border with the strip of Gaza.



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