A Siberian television crew was flying over the tundra when they accidentally spotted a huge crater.

The first similar crater was discovered in 2013 on the Yamal Peninsula. Scientists are not sure how craters form. There have been theories about a meteorite striking and the collapse of a secret military structure into the works of UFOs.

The reason is methane?

The strongest have the notion that craters are formed when methane accumulates under melting permafrost, which then explodes. This is believed to be linked to global warming.

The newest crater accidentally found is about 50 meters deep.

– This is really great. Mighty forces of nature give rise to such phenomena, but there is no single accepted theory of how these craters form, says Yevgeny Chuvilin Siberian Times magazine. He works at the Skolkovo Institute of Science.

– It is possible that they have been built for years. Because they usually appear in uninhabited Arctic regions, no one is witnessing their birth. Craters are usually found accidentally in connection with other activities.

The freshest crater is somehow special.

– This property is unique. It has a huge amount of scientific information that I have yet to reveal. We analyze everything carefully and then publish it in due course in a scientific journal, says a professor at the Russian Oil and Gas Institute. Vasili Bogojavlenski Vesti to Yamal TV channel.