Dynamo Dresden gave the bell in the 30th finals of the German Cup. The Tercera División team won by a resounding 4-1 at Hamburg, Second, in a very tense encounter.

One of the hottest ones was Toni Leistner. The defender, a native of Dresden, a former Dynamo player and currently at Hamburg, had to endure throughout the match being constantly insulted by a fan, something that made him lose his temper.

As soon as the game ended, he had an interview on the field, but since the insults did not stop, got fed up. While his teammates went to the locker room, Leistner went up to the stands to face that fan, who ended up pushing and hitting between screams. The spectators present tried to separate them, until the stadium security services made him leave the area. The images were captured by various fans who were there.

Now he faces a harsh sanction, which will have to be decided by the German Federation. Without being as serious as that, this incident reminds the famous of Eric Cantona The one who kicked an ultra, which cost him a nine-month penalty, 120 hours of community service and a $ 30,000 fine.