In 2017, Miss was crowned Finnish Michaela Söderholm, 28, says the missile year was an educational time. Many new things came as a surprise and the publicity spin also took a hard start at first.

Before her Miss year, Michaela had lived in London for several years and it was mind-boggling to suddenly be a public figure.

– In retrospect, I felt that I had reached a whole new world during the mission. We were told about the public, but in practice it is a completely different matter. At first, I didn’t dare breathe when I was interviewed, or even drink a glass of water during the interview so that the water doesn’t fall over me due to the vibration of my hands, Michaela laughs now.

Over the years, unnecessary tension has subsided. He says that despite the preparations, the rotation of the missile year came as a surprise.

– It was surprising how much was followed during the miss year, how many group photos and dating requests came. My worst fear was whether my friends would turn their backs on me if I changed their eyes as a person. It was important for me to stay normal. However, I am only Michaela, she says.

During the Miss year, he says he coached the Junior Dance Team at the same time. There was a lot of work and there were interesting plot gigs. At that time, the fly would also bite to go read the media industry.

“I did not respond to the request”

He has not experienced much appearance pressure, although even small changes in appearance have interested him.

– I have often been asked if I am on any diet, I seem to have lost weight. Or someone has said I look good, have I trained. Or is it just thanks to good genes. How you look also depends a lot on what you wear and at what angle you appeared. I feel that my self-esteem is more than just what I look like or have shown. I love delicacies, but I try to limit these days to weekends. This balance works best for me.

Various approach attempts made him timid.

– In social media, I wondered more than once dare to respond to people’s messages when you can not know who is behind the screen really is. I still remember how one man asked me for coffee, and when I didn’t immediately respond to that request, he put the message “Kill ittes”. Even after I’ve been thinking, who dare to approach and what you dare to say. I fully understand why many public figures end up with another public figure.

Michaela apricots how challenging it can be for many people in public based on their Finnish or interviews, especially younger people.

– Basically, most of the messages you receive are positive and encouraging. Still, the crowd can accommodate anything, from barking. Personally, I avoid reading discussion forums, I hope many others as well. I welcome constructive feedback on my work, but I don’t give weight to the shouting behind anonymous comments.