Video Compilation: Dallas won the first final match. The NHL can be watched on V Sport and Viaplay.

After Dallas Stars took a 4-1 opening victory in the NHL Finals from Tampa Bay Lightning, the press conference was attended by a highly visible Stars defender Jamie Oleksiak, 27.

Oleksiak scored the remaining 2-1 goal of the match, took one 2-minute freeze, scored 21.12 and tackled six times.

One of the tackles cost a tooth. In addition, Oleksiak had a big pleat on his nose.

– Jamie, did you lose that tooth today? Oleksiak was asked at a virtual press conference.

– Yeah, it happened in the second installment when I went to tackle. There came a counterattack, and I ate a little elbow. Either way, this is part of the game, Oleksiak acknowledged.

Oleksiak played 69 matches in the regular season this season and scored 3 + 7 = 10. In 22 playoff games, he has already scored five goals and scored three assists.

Oleksiak could not give the exact reason for the increase in power points.

– I haven’t thought about it so deeply. In these playoffs, the defenders have been more involved (in the offensive game). I have been places, and I’ve been hit. It’s the result of a good team game and our system. It’s nice to participate in that way, Oleksiak said.

Dallas got a clear advantage in the first final match, as the team secured the final place early in Finnish time on Tuesday. Finnish time for the last New York Islanders match in Tampa Bay on Friday morning.

– The first two sets you saw how we want to play, Stars coach Rick Bowness said.

– We kept the opponent’s shots and goal scoring under control and the defenders took part in the game – so we want to play. The third installment was not so good, but it was to be expected. But the guys played well and we did a lot of good things.